Lakeview Farm Alpacas is a small, family friendly farm located in Olean, New York, our barn is overlooking our own private “lake” on a section of our 72 acre land. Our little farm has grown over the years and now, along side our alpacas we have ducks, a miniature pony, and dogs… We plan on continuing to grow, and even though we’ve taken a break from showing in order to get our new farm and barn established, we plan on returning in the next year or so!  We pride ourselves on our top notch breedings as well as how our animals are raised and trained.

Breedings and fiber products are available

Farm visits and field trips for local schools are also available

Alpacas are a green animal. Alpacas provide a source of extremely warm fiber products and are an amazing addition to your farm. Alpacas are a heard animal and enjoy being with at least one or two other alpacas. They are shorn once a year in the spring and their fleece can be spun into yarn, carded or felted or sent to a fiber mill to be processed. We have chosen our alpacas with great care, investing in amazing bloodlines and show ring quality animals.


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